SMS For Office - Features

The easiest way to integrate SMS messaging from SharePoint !

Zero/Zilch SMS Gateway Configurations !

  • As soon as you install and launch the add-in, we auto configure and make ready your site for SMS by creating a SMS Request List.

SMS from SharePoint List

  • Send a SMS just by creating a list item entry in your SharePoint site.

SMS SharePoint Group(s)

  • Send a SMS to users of single / multiple SharePoint Groups.

People Picker

  • Make use of SharePoint People Picker to select you message recipients.

SharePoint Workflows

  • Integrate sms messages in your workflows by making use of SharePoint default “Create a list item” action in SharePoint Workflows.

Instant Delivery Reports

  • Receive instant message delivery status, Sent / Delivered (wherever the carrier provides such information)

Organization Policy

  • As an admin, you can ensure SMS content are compliant to Organization policy by configuring a set of actions (Block / Mask) for words

Toggle Registration

  • As a user, start / stop receiving SMS at any time by registering / deregistering to receive SMS from the add-in


  • Use SharePoint permission on your site / list to restrict / permit access.

Personal Information on SharePoint

  • Your Mobile number configured on SharePoint User Profile is used.
  • No need to register your number each time with us, infact we dont store the numbers while registration.

Developer Ecosystem

  • Make use of robust SharePoint API to integrate SMS messaging
  • We also have SharePoint extension libraries which you can use to integrate sms messaging much more easily. View us on:

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Installation Guide

Bespoke Implementation

Have your own requirements ? No worries , we can help you.

Tailored for your Requirements

We will extend the SMS service application to meet your specific requirements. Host the SMS Service Application on your own Servers, also store your data in your own data centres.

One Time Purchase

Get the entire solution with an one time purchase, neatly packaged, no additional / recurring costs.

Twilio / Plivo / Textlocal.In

Use Plivo / Twilio / Textlocal.In configurations .

24/7 Support

Installation and Configuration support , also get one year maintanence support free.

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SMS For Office - Free Trial

Install the Add-in from SharePoint Store Now!

Free Trial

  • Install now for full featured Free trial

Free SMS

  • Free SMS for you to test the functionalites.

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Select the licensing model that best fits your organization requirements.


$ 1 .00 user/month
  • Users: 30
  • Webs: 1
  • Billing cycle: Yearly
  • Free SMS: 1200 per year
  • Profanity filter
  • Instant Logs
  • $ 360.00 per year


$ 0 .75 user/month
  • Users: 100
  • Webs: 5
  • Billing cycle: Yearly
  • Free SMS: 2250 per year
  • Profanity filter
  • Instant Logs
  • $ 900.00 per year


$ 0 .50 user/month
  • Users: 250
  • Webs: 25
  • Billing cycle: Yearly
  • Free SMS: 5000 per year
  • Profanity filter
  • Instant Logs
  • $ 1,500.00 per year


$ 0 .25 user/month
  • Users: 1500
  • Webs: 150
  • Billing cycle: Quarterly
  • Free SMS: 4500 every 3 months
  • Profanity filter
  • Instant Logs
  • Incoming SMS
  • Auto User Registration
  • $ 1,125.00 every 3 months
Web Plan


$ 29 .99 web/month
  • Users: 2500 +
  • Webs: Minimum 10
  • Billing cycle: Contact us
  • Free SMS: Contact us
  • Profanity filter
  • Instant Logs
  • Incoming SMS
  • Auto User Registration
  • $ Contact us
  • Volume Discount Available

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