Our Software

The core of the exceptional service we intend to provide to our customers !


Any device connected to the web is suspectible to malignous attacks and so is your data.

At Time Parity we value our customer data and device security. Here are few measures we are taking to ensure your security:

  • EV Certificate : An EV SSL certificate offers the highest available levels of trust and authentication to any website. Our website is secured with EV SSL Certificate.
  • You can rest assured that device management and all transactions through our website will be secure.
  • Device Level Protection: Each of your device will have a ID and a Key for ensuring security
  • Data Protection: Your data will be stored on reliable third party data centers (Microsoft / Amazon).


For a dynamic business , we understand the requirement for scaling up / scaling down your devices on need. We intend to provide you a robust and scalable service.

On the go access

Monitor and Manage your devices from anywhere via our website.

  • Enterprise grade apps that compliment our services and products, and help you manage your devices offline.

Firmware Upgrade

We intend to provide constant firmware upgrades to our customers at regular intervals, on the go for free or a nominal amount.

EV SSL Certificate
This site is secured with a EV SSL Certificate