SMS Gateway Connector - Features

Send and Receieve Bulk SMS From SharePoint !

Easy & Secure SMS Gateway Configurations !

  • Securely Store and Configure your TWILIO / PLIVO Gateway Configurations.
  • Easy Configurations, Configure upto 10 configurations.

Bulk SMS from SharePoint List

  • Send a SMS just by creating a list item entry in your SharePoint site.
  • Upto 30 recipients per request.

Incoming SMS into SharePoint List

  • Receive incoming SMS as a list item entry in your SharePoint site.

SMS SharePoint Group(s)

  • Send a SMS to users of single / multiple SharePoint Groups.

SMS Non SharePoint User(s)

  • Send and Receive SMS to/from non SharePoint users.

People Picker

  • Make use of SharePoint People Picker to select you message recipients.

SharePoint Workflows

  • Integrate sms messages in your workflows by making use of SharePoint default “Create a list item” action in SharePoint Workflows.

Instant Delivery Reports

  • Receive instant message delivery status, Sent / Delivered (wherever the carrier provides such information)

Organization Policy

  • As an admin, you can ensure outgoing SMS content are compliant to Organization policy by configuring a set of actions (Block / Mask) for words


  • Use SharePoint permission on your site / list to restrict / permit access.

Personal Information on SharePoint

  • Your Mobile number configured on SharePoint User Profile is used.

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Bulk SMS from SharePoint
Incoming SMS into SharePoint
SMS SharePoint Groups


Pay only for what you use using credits !


Per OutGoing SMS Request

Upto 30 recipients per request


Per Incoming SMS Request


Add Default Gateway Configuration


Delete Default Gateway Configuration


Add Additional Gateway Configuration


Promote Additional Gateway Configuration as Default


Delete Additional Gateway Configuration


Per Web Per Month


Profanity Filter

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